Shinsengumi Peacemaker TV Live-action series -新撰組PEACE MAKER (2010)

I decided that I had to stop praising everything which has to do with Shinsengumi. It’s not that I like everything, it’s that I’d rather talk about the ones I like… So let’s change a bit and talk about what I consider to be an awful adaptation. It is a live-action series which was aired on TBS in 2010 if my source is correct. It is the adaptation of a manga in live-action series (that kind of pitch tends to frighten me to begin with).


First is a bad omen: some fans of the manga are trying to get it on the web but it is very rare. I had to wait something like two weeks to get the first 24 minute episode.  And nope, I did not try to get the others after looking at the first one, it kind of disgusted me. I am not that fond of the manga to begin with –which I find readable but lacking originality- but what they did with it… Just, no, guys, what did you think? No wonder it lasted three months on air and nothing more.

The main problem being that they decided to do a show for youngsters. So all the members of the Shinsengumi are teens, and ridiculous ones –one even wears leopard fur, for no reason whatsoever. The actors are no good, the scenery looks cheap and you cannot believe for one second in the main character’s sudden will to save everyone from a fire while he was traumatized by one some years earlier. I am half relieved and half-wondering about what they did with Yamazaki Susumu, a spy for the Shinsengumi, which is, in my opinion, the most interesting character in the original manga.


Let’s say that the creator of that series totally missed the point and the strength of the original work which was also part humorous, but also darker and with real characters, not wandering names shouting stupidities on their way. I won’t come back on the music or the camera –it screams cheap, cheap!- just do yourself a favor and, please, forget that this adaptation ever existed.

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