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Rurôni Kenshin -るろうに剣心 (1994)

Maybe I should have started with this adaptation. It was while reading the manga Rurôni Kenshin that I first heard of Shinsengumi, after all. Rurôni Kenshin, aka Samourai X is a manga adapted in animation and in movie with live-action … Lire la suite

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Best Known Movie about Shinsengumi in Europe: Gohatto/Taboo 御法度

Gohatto/Taboo (御法度)by Ôshima Nagisa (1999) is an example of the jidaigeki genre (historical drama often taking place in the Edo period). This movie is the last directed by Ôshima Nagisa, a famous Japanese director. It was entirely shot in a studio … Lire la suite

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Main Protagonists

The Shinsengumi is full of famous names, which you’ll have to know in order to study any adaptation. Below is a list of the different members: Commander 局長 (Kyokuchô) Kondo Isami Vice Commander 副長 (Fukuchô) Hijikata Toshizo   General Secretary … Lire la suite

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